➡️ What is Gastritis?

It is when your stomach lining gets inflamed, causing issues like stomach pain and indigestion.

➡️ Why Does it Happen?

Taking long-term painkiller or prolong use of NSAID. Having certain infections that affect your stomach lining such as Helicobacter Pylori

➡️ What to Look Out For:

Feelings like burning or bloating in your stomach, nausea, or vomiting might be signs.
In Malaysia we always refer it as ‘Angin’

➡️ Getting Help:

Can see doctor in GP or KK for further management. They might start on :
– Syrup MMT
– Pantoprazole / Esomeprazole

➡️ Taking Care:

Eating well, managing stress, and reduce intake of spicy food can help prevent gastritis.

Pertubuhan Amal Perubatan Ibnu Sina Malaysia (PAPISMA) Kedah

When is the best time to take medication?


Choosing between atorvastatin and simvastatin involves considering their distinct characteristics.


✅ Atorvastatin, recommended for morning intake, boasts potency and a prolonged half-life (14 hours), ensuring a consistent reduction in cholesterol throughout the day.


Eg : T. Atorvastatin 40mg OD/ON


✅ Simvastatin, on the other hand, is shorter half life (<5 hours) hence suggested for nighttime consumption to align with the body’s peak cholesterol synthesis during those hours. This strategic timing optimizes simvastatin’s effectiveness in targeting nighttime cholesterol production


Eg : T. Simvastatin 40mg ON


Papisma Kedah