➡️ What is Gastritis?

It is when your stomach lining gets inflamed, causing issues like stomach pain and indigestion.

➡️ Why Does it Happen?

Taking long-term painkiller or prolong use of NSAID. Having certain infections that affect your stomach lining such as Helicobacter Pylori

➡️ What to Look Out For:

Feelings like burning or bloating in your stomach, nausea, or vomiting might be signs.
In Malaysia we always refer it as ‘Angin’

➡️ Getting Help:

Can see doctor in GP or KK for further management. They might start on :
– Syrup MMT
– Pantoprazole / Esomeprazole

➡️ Taking Care:

Eating well, managing stress, and reduce intake of spicy food can help prevent gastritis.

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