Report Card COVID-19 Alhamdulillah,berikut adalah report card oleh PAPISMA Student Chapter dibawah inisitiaf bersama Gabungan Mahasiswa Islam Se-Malaysia (GAMIS) dan Sekretariat Gerakan Pembela Ummah (UMMAH) sepanjang wabak COVID-19 melanda Malaysia.

PSC telah berjaya menyiapkan 683 set perisai muka untuk fasa dua projek ini menandakan jumlah kumulatif yang tercapai adalah 1100 unit.

Kami turut menderma bahan membuat perisai muka bernilai sekitar RM200 dan sebanyak 20 infografik untuk rujukan petugas barisan hadapan dan orang awam telah mampu kami siapkan.

Semoga Allah S.W.T merahmati usaha yang telah pihak kami lakukan bersama ini. InshaaAllah.





April 17-18, 2020

The following decisions were taken at the council meeting. We share this with the public.

1. PANDEMİC EFFECT; Even if it is taken under control in a few months, its effects on the health sector, economy, education and social life maybe will continue years.

2. HEALTH SECTOR WILL GROW; Governments should reserve more budgets to the health sector. Screening studies for public health and measures to prevent infectious diseases should be taken more seriously. Hospitals should be more equipped and modernized, the same thing for intensive care units.

3. MEDICAL HOME will develop further. Instead of long-term hospitalizations, patients will be followed at home. Patients will be monitored at home. this monitoring will be under the supervision of the doctor by digital system.

4. HEALTH INSURANCE; All countries are obliged to cover all their citizens with health insurance. To provide this insurance, budgets should be allocated to strengthen the public and private health sector. For those who don’t have any incomes or sallary should be undetaking by the state .

5. SUPPORT TO WIHU; The World Health Organization, the World population fund and the World migration organization have not fulfilled their duties in this epidemic.

The need of supporting NGO voluntary organizations such as the World Islamic Health Union has emerged.

6. ORIENTATION TO RELIGION WILL INCREASE : Islam as religion and believe in Allah will take place in many people’s heart in the world more than ever.this virus demonstrated that there is no power bigger than the creator of this world.and muslims should use this opportunity with using of digital systems to teach and spread the religion to world.

7. THE EDUCATION SECTOR will shrink. Especially high school and university education will be digitalized. Such large buildings and campuses will not be established.

So many teachers will not be needed.

Attendance will not be compulsory at schools.

Libraries with digital lessons will increase. The comfort of these places will increase and libraries with payed entry offering tea & coffee services would be increased.

Conferences, training meetings will shift to digital media.

8. The ENTERTAINMENT SECTOR will shrink. The digitalization of the game and entertainment world will accelerate. Audience will no longer go to cinema, theater and opera. These will be watched in digital environments at homes. Bars and drinks restaurants will decrease. Casinos will decrease.

9. SPOR ACTIVITIES WILL INCREASE; The sport is requirement of good health and strength body. Demand and Access to sport center will increase as well . Sports competitions will now be played without spectators. Sports competitions will be watched from digital media.

10. HEALTH DIAGNOSTIC operations will become more digital and most of patients will be treated in their houses.

11. Healthcare professionals and healthcare staff value should be apreciated more than ever, and the people must give the priority to doctors advices.

12. VIRUS PROTECTION; The mouth and nose should be covered with mask, scarf, shawl or headscarf in all public areas until the epidemic is completely gone.

13. SOCIAL DISTANCE; It is necessary to use masks, gloves and social distance in works that have to be done compulsorily.

14. The ECONOMIC SUPPORT should be provided to any person joblessness or who doesn’t has any financial incomes during covid crises as well as closed companies and private hospitals that can not accept or receive Corona affected patients.

15. INFORMATION SHARING, covid informations with public and full support ,and providing all protection equipements for healthcare stuff struggling against covid epidemic.

16. AID AND HUMANITARIAN RELIEF, NGO should take their position and given them permission and authorization in order to help disadvantaged people with vital substances and foods .

17. ENOUGH TEST; The COVID-19 test should be done as required by making applications.

18. INFORMATION SHARING; Information sharing between countries and organizations should be provided.

19. LOCAL PRODUCTION; Each country must produce its own simple materials used in the outbreak. Islamic countries should share the developed drugs and respirators.

In places where the epidemic is intense, gyms can be turned into an epidemic hospital. Outbreak hospitals can be built. İslamic countries should share drugs and devices required to treath covid with each others especially in places where the epidemic is more intense.

President of World Islamic Health Union Specialist Kasım SEZEN